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A few important steps to know
From concept to implementation
The first stage of collaboration is when the client shares their ideas and preferences, asks relevant questions, while the executor records all the preferences and offers their vision of the future project.
During the briefing stage, mutual understanding is established, and the budget and timelines are agreed upon.
Technical task
During the second stage, the executor and the client create the "skeleton" of the project. For example, in the case of a website, catalog, or corporate identity, they determine the division of future information into sections.
By the end of the second stage, both parties should have a clear understanding of the future scope of work.
Signing the contract
Both parties sign the design services contract, and the executor issues an invoice (either full or partial payment), which the client then pays.
Now both parties are legally protected.
Creating a prototype
The executor develops a prototype of the future project in the form of a scheme and sends it to the client. The client carefully reviews the prototype and provides their feedback and adjustments.
At the end of the fourth stage, both parties have a clear understanding of the arrangement of blocks/slides/pages.
Design concept
The executor designs the entire project in Figma, using the visual elements that were agreed upon with the client in the previous stages of work. The client provides their comments and suggests revisions to the design layout.
Result: the client has a 100% understanding of their future project.
Website development
This stage does not require the client's involvement. The executor performs the complete website development, and the website is built using the Tilda platform.
Outcome: The client receives a fully finished project.
The final stage
Upon complete approval of the project by the client, the executor carries out the final actions for project debugging. Any revisions (if specified in the contract) are incorporated and delivered to the client within the agreed-upon timeframe.
The client can continue to collaborate with the designer for further development of the current project or for other aspects of web design.
You ask I answer
Why are prices for your services not listed on the website?
It's not possible to provide a general price for all services, as they can vary in complexity, uniqueness, and additional costs for third-party services that may be necessary for a specific project to function. The overall cost is discussed after a detailed briefing with the client.
You work with my competitors. Can you create a project for me?
I do not take on more than one company in a specific market segment simultaneously because I respect healthy competition and confidentiality. If it has been more than 1 year since the collaboration ended, this question becomes irrelevant.
I have a developer on my team. Can you provide design services only?
I use the Figma editor for all my projects, so we can skip the coding stage. I will calculate the work based solely on the design project.
Do you set up advertising on the website?
My knowledge of advertising setup is very limited. But I'd be happy to recommend a specialist who can assist with Yandex.Direct and Google Ads.
What informational and graphical materials do I need to provide for the work?
For the success of the entire project, it's necessary to have a complete script of the advertising proposal. If the client approaches me for website creation, it's essential to study their company in more detail, consider their corporate identity, and gather more information about their competitors.
Before starting our collaboration, I send a detailed questionnaire where the client lists all the tools and resources they have.
I don't have a corporate style for the website. Can you assist with creating a logo and branding?
I have extensive experience in brand book development. Turning to me for the development of a corporate style and website will make the advertising campaign 'integrated.' Moreover, the client will receive an additional discount for the extended package of services.
What is included in the cost of your service, and what requires additional payment?
Typically, the full scope of work is detailed in the contract, where the executor is obligated to complete the work in its entirety and deliver it to the client. The contract amount includes all these specified tasks, but there may be factors that are not listed in the scope of work:
  • The number of revisions to the completed project exceeding the specified quantity in the contract;
  • The client's refusal to place a link to my resource (as the author of the specific project);
  • The absence of essential materials required by the client for the successful completion of the project and the creation of a modern design (forced purchase of graphic materials and fonts from paid sources);
  • When ordering website development, the client is responsible for domain registration and acquiring an account on the Tilda Publishing platform (if they don't already have one);
  • Other factors not specified in the contract.
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